ME + MOTHERHOOD with Benita Bensch

Ep 20. Katrina Myers on Productivity and the Cost of Saying Yes

August 09, 2023 Season 2 Episode 20
ME + MOTHERHOOD with Benita Bensch
Ep 20. Katrina Myers on Productivity and the Cost of Saying Yes
Show Notes

Katrina is a Meditation and Wellbeing educator, a fourth generation farmer and co-owner of the family run business, Barham Avocados. 

Katrina is a passionate rural advocate who cares deeply about rural and regional Australia and is on a mission to support Rural Women to thrive and lead through her Meditation and Mindset Training Business. 

Her experience travelling all over the world shaped her desire to build strong and supportive rural communities with thriving people to enhance a sense of belonging and to encourage entrepreneurism and innovation. 

She hosts a podcast called This Rural Life and runs a boutique accommodation offering on their farm near Barham. Katrina has been a panellist on Q+A and has featured on ABCs Women’s Work program Smiling Mind campaigns as well as various radio interviews.

In this episode we cover:

  • Katrina’s view on productivity as a busy mum of four juggling life and business and how you can be more productive through doing less.
  • The importance of practising presence and getting off the hamster wheel of endless thoughts and multitasking in our mind.
  • Laying the important foundations of sleep, rest, food and movement to be able to achieve the incredible things that you are here to achieve.
  • What we, as women, need to get better at considering when it comes to saying yes, and being honest with ourselves about our capacity and priorities.
  • Why Katrina loves meditation and her top 3 strategies for managing a full plate with joy and ease.

This conversation is all about productivity vs presence and the question “When you say yes to something, what are you saying no to?”

I know so many of you will love this conversation.

Benita x

Connect with Katrina:

Wellbeing, Meditation, Podcast: @katrina_myers_
Lost and Found Retreat: @lostandfoundbarham
Barham Avocados: @barhamavocados

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